Special Education

Special School District has provided special education services for more than 40 years to the residents of St. Louis County. Special School District provides education for students with disabilities and related services such as occupational therapy, adaptive PE, assistive technology, services for visually and hearing impaired, and social services. Point School has three self-contained language classrooms servicing the needs of students from Kindergarten through second grade. Additional special education staff service the needs of students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. The special education teachers and general education teachers work as a team to meet the educational needs of all students.

Parent Referrals to STRETCH
STRETCH, Mehlville School District’s state assisted program for students identified as gifted, is now accepting parent referrals for the 2009-20010 school year for students currently enrolled in grades K-7. The STRETCH program provides educational interventions for students whose mental capacity and learning potential are so advanced that they need services beyond the level of those ordinarily provided.

The document below is provided to assist you in determining if your child would be an appropriate candidate for the STRETCH program.


  • Knows the answers
  • Is interested
  • Is attentive
  • Has good ideas
  • Works hard
  • Answers the questions
  • Top group
  • Listens with interest
  • Learns with ease
  • 6-8 repetitions for mastery
  • Understands ideas
  • Enjoys peers
  • Grasps the meaning
  • Completes assignments
  • Is receptive
  • Copies accurately
  • Enjoys school
  • Absorbs information
  • Technician
  • Good memorizer
  • Enjoys straightforward, sequential presentation
  • Is alert
  • Is pleased with own learning


  • Asks the questions
  • Is highly curious
  • Is mentally and physically involved
  • Hs wild, willy ideas
  • Plays around, yet tests well
  • Discusses in detail, elaborates
  • Beyond the group
  • Shows strong feelings an opinions
  • Already knows
  • 1-2 repetitions for mastery
  • Constructs abstractins
  • Initiates projects
  • Is intense
  • Creates a new design
  • Enjoys learning
  • Manipulates information
  • Inventory
  • Good guesser
  • Thrives on complexity
  • Is keenly observant
  • Is highly self-critical
By: Janice Szabos
As educators, we are always striving to increase student achievement. Point's teaching staff looks for good teaching practices backed by research in order to meet the needs of all students. Point was the first school in Mehlville to implement the Show Me Literacy Project. This project is a way of teaching reading, writing and other literacy components in a balanced manner. At the start of the project, four teachers were trained as facilitators for Kindergarten through second grade. The facilitators are responsible for training our teachers in Kindergarten through second grade.

The teaching staff at Point School will continue to receive on-going professional development in the are of literacy in order to be informed of current research and good teaching practices. By teachers implementing good teaching practices, we will meet the needs of all of our students.
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